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Anne & Jane Roberts welcome you to the home of Welsh Sport Horses - WSH

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Welsh Part Bred:  

Welsh Cob x Thoroughbred. Combining the cleverness, agility and presence of the Welsh Cob with the stamina, speed and power of the Thoroughbred to produce a truly all-round competition horse to equal and surpass imported horses.


The Welsh Performance Cob:

Designed for all purpose riding, the Welsh Cob is a work horse and stars in all spheres - dressage, show jumping , eventing.

A versatile breed that is revered World wide.

Welsh Ponies and Cobs

Welsh Part Breds

We sometimes have for sale our own home bred Youngstock or riding stock.From time to time we also have stock for sale on behalf of clients.

Welsh Cobs

Visit our For Sale page for homebred animals or those for sale on behalf of clients.


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For Sale

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